We offer different shape garden grills for your needs

We produce different kinds of garden grills for cooking meat. We can find  you the right option!

Grills are produced from a 3-5 mm thick heat-resistant steel 265 pgh!

Our grills can be made with individual needs and you can choose with:

  1. Cover
  2. Wheels
  3. Steel thickness
  4. Size
  5. Location of shelfs
  6. Any other need

If you want, we can offer to print a personalised names on it, call us to find out more +371 2 423 222

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you make garden grills on an individual order?  

We can make you a garden grill for your individual needs by adjusting the size of the shelves, with or without a lid, with/without wheels, grill depth, and also the thickness of the moon (3 mm to 5 mm). You can also cut a name that you choose with plasma, which can be useful as an idea for a gift. You can also make grills in different shapes, see our gallery, such as “cannon” shapes, “train” shapes, “deer” shapes, etc.

2. How long will your Langetech garden grills last? 

When used correctly, considering that it would not be desirable to keep the grill throughout the year outside the open sky and using the intended fuel, our garden grills will serve from 7 to 10 years.